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How A Recycling Center Works

dual stream recycling
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A Dual Stream Facility vs. A Single Stream Facility
Ever wonder how a recycling center works? If you use a single stream* recycling company the process is very different from a dual stream* center. While single stream is a method many municipalities and businesses are adopting, using single stream has been proven to cost more and while more might be collected, less actually gets recycled because of cross-contamination.  Cross-contamination is when cans end up at a paper mill or plastic bottles >

The IRS Puts Personal ID Information at Risk

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When it comes to government agencies, the possibility of your sensitive information being compromised should be the last thing on your mind. When complying with the IRS and exchanging personal information about yourself and your company you might think that they would enforce all necessary security measures throughout their process. A new report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) tells a different story. According to the report, the IRS handed a disk containing the >

Study: Majority Would Avoid Business With Data Breach Victims

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More and more organizations are learning the hard way that corporate data security cannot be ignored. But as businesses gradually begin to enforce cyber security measures, is the rate at which businesses are adopting data security policies fast enough to ensure protection against a data breach? Could your organization be losing business because of your lack of data security?

Did you know that many consumers and businesses alike are wary to do business with companies who have had a data breach? >


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