Want to Have A Greener Office Space?

Did you know that Recycling one aluminum can saves the equivalent energy of operating a television set for 3 hours, and recycling two aluminum cans saves the equivalent of powering a PC for one workday?

What about that if every U.S. newspaper were recycled, 250 million trees would be saved each year?

If your company strives to have a positive impact on the environment, setting up a company-wide recycling policy is a great way to start.

Develop an Office Recycling Policy

Reduce your waste disposal costs and your carbon footprint with a recycling program designed to meet your company’s needs.

Start by downloading our Office Recycling Checklist, you can begin reducing waste, reusing supplies and buying sustainable products.

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Vangel implements end-to-end office recycling solutions. We handle everything from mixed office paper of all kinds (glossy, plain, bound materials, envelopes, etc.) to cardboard, metal, and plastic scrap—even recycling hard-to-dispose-of items like computers and other e-waste. Our attentive service and flexibility consistently minimize hassles and cost for our customers.


Once you have your team and approval to move forward with your recycling plan, it’s important to do an audit. In this audit, you’re going to get an idea of how much waste you’re currently sending to the trash that could be going to the recycling. You’ll want to do this audit before your new recycling plan is in place.


Don’t forget the importance of workplace education, so that employees know what can be recycled in the workplace and where to put it so that it does get recycled.

Choose The Right Size

We help you select the right recycling service for your material and volume.

Convenient pick-ups, scheduled or on-call

Our certified technicians and support team can develop a recycling transport program to lower your administrative overhead with detailed reporting and quick response times.

Cost Avoidance

Your business can cut costs by reducing waste. Each ton of clean recyclables that you divert from the trash to recycling helps reduce your waste disposal costs.