I Love Recycling

America Recycles Day 2019

America Recycles Day is one day devoted to raising awareness of the importance of recycling.  One day to educate, motivate and make recycling an integral part of our daily lives at home and at work.

Recycling is a Good Habit

Recycling is a habit and like any good habit, we can get lazy about it.  Use America Recycles Day as an opportunity to remind participants of the importance of participating and participating properly.


One of recycling’s challenges is #wishcycling or “aspirational recycling.”  We aren’t sure if it can be recycled but we feel guilty throwing it out so we toss it in the bin, hoping for the best.  Unfortunately this has contributed to contamination problems.

Collection is Just the First Step

Different jurisdictions have different rules and office programs may be different than residential programs.  It’s not done deliberately to confuse you.  Remember, collection isn’t recycling.  Recycling only happens when the recyclable is made into a product that someone wants to buy.  What goes in the bin is just the beginning of the process.   Where the recyclables will be processed once you set them out is one factor.  What they will be made into is another.  Will it be made into toilet paper? Newspaper?  Packaging? Roofing felt?  Printing & Writing Paper?

Recycling is a Business

We’re not being arbitrary or difficult.  We’re not trash haulers and we’re not “tree huggers” either.  Recycling is a business, the first step in the manufacturing chain.  This America Recycles Day double check the rules of your program and “know before you throw.”

For more information about America Recycles Day visit https://americarecyclesday.org/