Closing The Loop With Recycled Materials

Along with Keep America Beautiful, Vangel would like to invite you to close the loop by choosing to purchase recycled content. By closing the loop, your organization is choosing to be a leader in sustainability. Read Keep America Beautiful’s newsletter below for tips on how to close the loop!

This month, we invite you to join the many sustainability-minded businesses like yours who make a statement with their purchasing power. Whether you’re ordering t-shirts for a company-wide event, browsing brands of tissues at the store down the street, or stocking the supply closet with folders and notebooks, look for that recycled-content label! If you haven’t yet had the conversation with your office manager or suppliers, there is no time like the present! Other examples:

  • Printer paper: 100% recycled printer paper is widely available. Remember that it’s made from old cardboard boxes and other recycled materials!
  • Stationary and Greeting Cards: Check the back of the card for the recycled-content message.
  • Pens: Pilot makes pens from recycled plastic bottles. Don’t forget to recycle the box after you purchase a pack!

Suggested recycled-content product vendors from the EPA:

In addition to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- Remember the fourth R – Buy Recycled.

– The Keep America Beautiful Recycling@Work Team