I Love Recycling

Four Reasons We Should Love Recycling!

  1. Love Recycling Because It Makes You Feel Good!

Although I don’t know of any studies that prove this, I think a little burst of endorphins are released when we drop that bottle into the bin or dump our personal recycling box into the big cart in the copy room.  We’re part of something bigger, something shared around the world, and it makes us feel good to be doing our part.

But don’t fall head over heels!  Some things just shouldn’t be placed in the recycling bin.  No more #wishcycling.  #KnowBeforeYouThrow  and finally “When in doubt, leave it out.”

  1. Love Recycling Because It Reduces Our Consumption of Limited Natural Resources.

For example, each ton of paper recycled uses 7000 fewer gallons of water, 683 gallons fewer of oil and 4200 less kwh of energy.  That’s because it takes less to convert paper to paper than wood fiber to paper.

  1. Love Recycling Because It Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Recycling is less energy intensive than making products from new materials so it helps to reduce greenhouse gases and slows the progress of climate change. For example, producing new aluminum from old uses 95% less energy than from bauxite ore.  For steel, it’s about 70% less energy than from scratch.

  1. Love Recycling Because It Does Make a Difference!

The recycling industry is an economic engine and job creator.  Firms that collect, process and broker recycled materials to be made into new products in America support 531,510 jobs and generate $109 billion in economic activity.  And DYK that of the estimated 700 million tons of aluminum produced in the world since commercial manufacturing began in the 1880’s, approximately 75% is still in productive use as a secondary raw material?

There’s been a lot of bad news in the press about recycling and while the industry is struggling, recyclables are commodities.  Just like relationships, the market goes through ups and downs, highs and lows.  But don’t give up!  Show recycling some love this Valentine’s month!