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Tips for America Recycles Day on November 15th

America Recycles Day, a nationwide initiative celebrated annually on November 15th, was started by the National Recycling Coalition in 1997. Since 2010, it has been a program of Keep America Beautiful, a nonprofit organization dedicated to litter prevention. Although it’s only a few weeks away, you still have plenty of time to plan. Here are several tips for what you can do to improve your recycling efforts at home and at work:

Start an Office Recycling Program

Businesses generate tons of waste each year and unfortunately, much of it ends up in landfills You can reduce waste in your company by starting an office recycling program. Find an office recycling partner who provides a comprehensive service. They can deliver recycling containers to your business and pick up the collected recyclables on a scheduled basis. Your material is sorted at the recycling facility to meet industry specifications then sent to a manufacturer to be used in place of virgin raw materials to make a wide variety of products.

Already Have an Office Recycling Program?

Recycling is a habit and like many good habits, we can get lazy about it. To keep your office enthused, check out these fun ideas for recycling at work at AmericaRecyclesDay.org/Toolkits/Recycling-Work.

 Encourage Your Kids to Recycle

Kids have boundless energy and love to help. Talk to your children about why it’s important to recycle. Show them what items can and can’t be recycled. Encourage them to reuse packaging, cans and tissue rolls for art projects. You’ll find they won’t have a shortage of ideas of how, when and what to recycle! For extra fun, have them play the BeRecycled.org Super Sorter Game.

Buy Recycled Items

Remember, the collection is only the first step in the recycling process. Recycling doesn’t happen until the collected recyclable is made into a product that someone wants. Today, there’s no shortage of products made with recycled content. Even some fleece sweaters and jackets are made from recycled plastic containers. See what one company is doing at Everlane.com/Renew. Support these companies that use recycled materials in their products and packaging.

Know Your Recycling Rules

Different counties may have different recycling rules, and the rules may also be different at work and at home. For example, Howard County, MD accepts non-foil gift wrap for recycling while its next-door neighbor, Baltimore County, does not. So, whether you’re recycling at home or at work, knowing your program’s recycling rules is a must. Click here for the dos and don’ts of Vangel’s dual stream recycling programs.

Make a Long-Term Commitment to Recycling

America Recycles Day is a great opportunity to make permanent changes that benefit the environment 365 days a year. The energy, excitement, and passion you feel on November 15th can propel the planet towards a greener future. Show your commitment by taking the #BeRecycledPledge at AmericaRecyclesDay.org/Pledge.

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