Stuff to clean out on National Old Stuff Day

Today is National Old Stuff Day!

A crowded attic full of old stff

If this looks like a room in your house, start       cleaning out on National Old Stuff Day

Betcha didn’t know that it’s a thing.  I didn’t either but my family is convinced it’s in my honor.  If you were too busy having fun this weekend, you can make up for it by getting a jump on spring cleaning today, National Old Stuff Day.  Here are 5 suggestions to get started.

1.  Get rid of all those old paper bills and receipts on National Old Stuff Day

Gather the items you need for taxes, check a records retention schedule to see what you should keep and for how long and shred the rest.  Take advantage of community shred days held during the spring.  Google “community shred + your town or neighborhood + 2020” to locate one nearby.  In southwest Baltimore Co., MD there are two coming up:

    1. March 21, 2020  10 am – 12 pm  5517 Oregon Ave., Arbutus, MD    410-705-6295
    2. May 14, 2020      10 am – 12 pm     Knights of Columbus 1010 Frederick Rd., Catonsville, MD  410-744-8754

If you shred at home, check to see if shredded paper is acceptable in your curbside recycling program.  Many single stream DO NOT accept shredded paper because it wraps around the equipment and sticks to bottles and cans, contaminating them.

2.  Get ready for the change of seasons

Summer clothes don’t usually last more than a few seasons.  Sort out garments that are faded, damaged or no longer fit and drop them off at a charity store.  Items are sorted into vintage, re-sale and scrap, which are used to make rags, carpet padding and other recycled textile products.

Some charities provide pickup service.  Check first with Charity Navigator before scheduling because some organizations donate very little of the proceeds to their stated cause.

3.  Furniture and other household goods can also be donated

If you’re creative, check Pinterest for ideas on refinishing and re-purposing.  You may give them a second life in your own home!  Stained towels, frayed sheets or ratty rugs?  Animal shelters are frequently looking for these items.  Give them a call and see what they need and when you can drop off.

4. “The Story of Stuff: The Impact of Overconsumption on the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-And How We Can Make It Better”   by Annie Leonard.

Ready to take a break from all of this?  Sit down and take a look at this 20 minute video.

5.  Finally, think before you buy, not just on National Old Stuff Day

Is it something you will use a lot?  If not, is it something you can borrow or rent?  And don’t forget thrift stores, consignment shops and antique stores.  Remember, sometimes one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!